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Strengthening the role of local IBA (Important Bird Areas) caretaker groups in Biodiversity Hotspots of Armenia

Region: Lori
Grantee: Armenian Society for the Protection of Birds NGO
Focal Area: Biodiversity
Cross-cutting Areas:
Dates: 01/09/2009 - 29/07/2011
Grant Amount: $26 379
Status: Completed

Project Details & Results

The overall Goal of the project is to enhance the capacity of local caretaker groups in Important Bird Areas (IBA) to carry out effective conservation of species and sites and the local empowerment through education, training and tourism development.
is to strengthen the capacity of local caretaker groups in the conservation and monitoring of sites important for birds within the priority corridors of the Caucasus hotspot. Another important component sought by the project is linking conservation and development aspects, i.e. generate income stream for local caretaker groups through non-consumptive uses of natural resource.

An information & visitor center will be constructed in Dsegh IBA, which is internationally important for conservation of wild birds. The center will help to provide information to tourists on local wildlife, conservation problems and will assist in organizing birdwatching and ecotourism trips in the area as well as serve as a educational center for local youth. Future plans also include development of bed-and- breakfast (B&B) tourism in the area as one of the types of community-based tourism, which will be promoted through the visitor center. The area was selected due to its strategic location and significance for eco- and cultural tourism since it’s adjacent to Georgia-Armenia highway.

The specific Objectives of the project are:
1. Enhance the capacity IBA caretakers to contribute to the monitoring and conservation of endangered species and sites and provide assessment of the current status of the Globally Threatened Species at selected biodiversity sites (IBAs) through involvement of local people.
2. Raise awareness of the local population on the importance of the area for Globally Threatened species and the need for conservation of the species and their habitats.
3. Establish an information & education hub (visitor center) at Dsegh IBA to promote cooperation and build platform for local community and stakeholders and contribute to birdwatching and local ecotourism development.

Please see the project photostory at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g35lcY6FLH8 (Englsih version)

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