• Intensive orchard systems in Spitak
  • Solar systems in Gyumri orphanage
  • Wild harvest product by women in Berd


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03.10.2018 | News

Five grant projects approved

Today, the National Steering Committee of the Global Environment Facility's (GEF) Small Grants Programme (SGP) in Armenia approved five grant projects. The projects address the following OP-6 strategic initiatives: Low Carbon Energy Access Co-benefits and Communities Landscape and Seascape Conservation.


15.08.2018 | News

"Berd Berry" project is highlighted among other initiatives in the region

Women in Berd district of the bordering Tavush region are involved in various initiatives aimed at decreasing unemployment in the region. 

One of such initiatives is "Berd Berry" project supported by the UNDP/GEF Small Grants Programme (SGP). Through the financial support of SGP and with the help of “Berd Women Resource Center” Foundation, women cultivate wild berries for promoting local eco-production. See the project story at http://urbnews.com/berdstory.

You can find the details of “Berd Berry” project at https://bit.ly/2w8lNvs 


14.07.2018 | News

Cleanup of Lake Sevan public shore within the framework of the

On 14 July ISSD - Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Development of Communities within its “Recycle it” project funded by the #UNDP/ Global Environment Facility GEF Small Grants Programme has organized a clean-up in public shore of Lake Sevan, Drakhtik community. Sixteen volunteers from various regions of #Armenia have participated in the event. Around 60kg of plastic waste been collected from the shore, which has been taken to a recycling station in #Yerevan. Other collected waste (around 160kg) has been taken to the landfill by the local volunteers.