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Demonstration of energy efficiency practices in buildings and use of solar heating system in Shaghik community of Shirak region

Region: Shirak
Grantee: "Third Nature" NGO
Focal Area: Climate Change Mitigation
Cross-cutting Areas:
Dates: 01/11/2011 - 01/11/2012
Grant Amount: $48 230
Status: Completed

Project Details & Results

The project aims to enhance the capacities of Shaghik community of Shirak region towards energy efficiency of buildings and usage of renewable energy sources by means of energy saving measures and constructing, piloting and testing of a solar water heating system.

The project is planning to construct and pilot a solar water heating system in Shaghik community, which includes the heating system for two classrooms of the school located in the local administration building and outdoor public shower unit functioning during non-heating season. Also construction and renovation works for houses and the local administration building are planned to increase the energy efficiency. Training for community members and other municipalities on exploitation of solar water heating system will be held. This project is envisaged especially to demonstrate the opportunities and advantages of solar energy use technologies, the application of which is preferable both from global environmental (reducing CO2 gas emissions) and social aspects for the community with high mountain severe climate and huge solar energy potential (direct sunshine inflow). The project will result in increasing of energy efficiency of buildings, meanwhile reducing energy consumption and emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as 35-40% of the energy in the country is used in buildings.

Project results:

  • Increasing of energy efficiency of the buildings in Shaghik community through implementation of reconstruction, renovation and insulation works, installation and use of energy efficient appliances, and construction of solar heating system;
  • Enhancing capacities of local communities of Shirak region; training on feasible and modern energy efficiency techniques;
  • Analysis of environmental, social and economic benefits of the project and dissemination of the lessons learnt.

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